What Swimming Pool Size is Best?

You can’t go wrong with adding a Splash Pool to your backyard. They continue to serve as the industry standard by offering more shapes, sizes, and depths than any other above ground pool seller in the market. It’s common for pool buyers to find themselves at a standstill in the pool-buying process as they decide which swimming pool size is best for their family. Don’t fret. We want to help. To get a general idea of the size and depth of pool that will work best in your backyard, you want to ask yourself a few questions.

Who will use your pool the most?

Knowing your main above ground pool users will give you a better idea of what your pool capacity should be. If you have young children who aren’t quite so tall yet, the SuperPool (rectangular), Omega (circular) and TitanPool 3 (both shapes) are all 4 feet deep. If mostly teenagers and/or adults will be using the pool, then consider the 5 foot deep AlphaPool for the taller crowd. The height of your users is not the only thing to consider; you also want to look at how many people will be in the pool together during most frequent use. If it’s going to just be your family, then you may consider one of our smaller 9 or 13 foot wide models. But if your teens like to have their friends over frequently, or you enjoy hosting pool parties, then maybe a 17 foot or bigger model is better.

How will the pool be used?

Consider whether the people in your Splash Pool will mostly be using it for recreation, exercise, or both. If you plan to use it to swim laps for a great low impact workout, then you may want something a bit longer, such as our 9 x 41.5 foot Super Pool. If it will just be for playing with your kids, then our 20 foot Omega may be just right.

How much space do you have?

All of the other questions we ask mean nothing until you determine your available space for a swimming pool. We recommend that you measure your available space, noting that you’ll need a two-foot perimeter around the actual size of the usable pool space for the Splash Pools’ support system. Combine that with the above responses and we’ll have a pretty good idea of what size Splash Pool will work best for you. Each of our Splash Pools comes in a variety of sizes. However, one of the things we specialize in is our ability to make a custom-sized pool to exactly fit your needs. We’ve made pools as small as 4 x 4 feet and as large as 108 x 312 feet. So, no worries. We’ll be able to get you exactly what you need so you can soon be enjoying your new swimming pool.

Top 6 Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

Swimming is awesome. Going to public pools is not. Neither is waiting for a lane at a gym. With a Master Spas swim spa, you can take all of the good and none of the bad — and the benefits go far beyond pure convenience. Here are our Top 6 benefits of owning a Swim Spa. Because investing in a swim spa is investing in yourself. 

Nearly Weightless, No Impact

For older people, people with arthritis or people who suffer from joint pain, running, aerobics and strength training might not be possible. But swimming is. You feel just a fraction of your body weight when submerged in water, which takes pressure off your bones, joints and muscles, allowing pain-free exercise.

Heart and Lungs

Swimming promotes cardiovascular endurance, increases heart rate and boosts lung capacity.

Physical Endurance

Swimming against a deep, high-volume current, like that produced by a Master Spas swim spa, requires serious physical stamina, which you’ll develop with regular use.

Lean and Mean

A full-body, muscle-elongating exercise, swimming is one of the best ways to reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Regular exercise in a swim spa can help you achieve an Olympian’s physique.

Mental Strength and Focus

It’s hard to get in the zone in a public pool, or even while doing laps in your own pool. When you’re submerged in a liquid treadmill, however, you’ll experience meditative qualities that reduce stress and promote mental health.

It’s Fun

Counter-current swimming is one of the most enjoyable activities you’ll ever experience. Around 90 percent of owners still use their spas regularly even after 10 years. Believe it or not, the Top 6 Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa only scratches the surface of why a swim spa purchase may be right for your family. Check out our showroom and try one out for yourself!

Vacation or Spa? What Does Science Say?

When it comes to saving up money for something big, you really can only save for one thing at a time. So you have to figure out what is going to make you the happiest in the long run. Studies show people are happiest when they are surrounded by quality relationships… but we all know it takes quality time to build quality relationships. Additional research published by the National Institute of Health concludes that “the absence of positive social relationships is a significant risk factor for broad-based morbidity and mortality.”

So which is better? Vacation or spa?

Realistically, an amazing vacation can certainly provide quality time with those closest to you and give you the chance to create some amazing memories. But this is a short term investment in your happiness — it only lasts as long as the trip and the few days of euphoria afterwards. Then it’s back to life and reality with the next “break” often at least a year away. So, we encourage you to consider the investment in a Master Spas hot tub an investment in your daily efforts toward happiness. Because, with a hot tub, you can take time to relax and connect with family and friends as often as you like. You don’t have to wait until next year to do it — it can be a daily ritual. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day, you can briefly pull away from the worries of reality and spend time laughing together. Of course, if you have a vacation home that you visit often, then adding a Master Spas hot tub is like double the happiness effect!
What it really comes down to is what you find most important. Are you looking for a short-term respite from life’s woes, or a long-term investment that can bring you daily connection and relaxation? I’m guessing by now you know what our vote is! Vacation or spa? We definitely choose spa! Besides, you can always take a vacation next year.


  Looking for durability? You’re looking for Splash Pools.

When you’re shopping for an above ground pool, there are a lot of things to consider: Size and depth – of course. Price – definitely. Attractiveness – sure. Durability – if that’s not on your list, it should be.

A pool is an investment, not only of your money but also of your time.

You’re going to put time into preparing the site, possibly constructing a deck, fence or other structures, caring for the pool, etc… Imagine putting that much in, just to have the pool begin to fall apart in just a few years. It happens. But not with Splash Pools – We’ll tell you why:

Splash pools are made in the USA in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and backed by the industry’s best warranties. Pool Tech Plus is proud to sell Splash Pools – If you ever experience an issue, Splash makes claim resolution quick and easy.

Splash pools are supported by zinc-coated steel frames. their process of shaping and varnishing ensures years of trouble-free use.

Splash liners are, well, revolutionary. They’re treated with a special coating that prevents dirt from sticking to exposed areas and protects against damage from UV light, mildew, and fungi. Compare Splash based on seams, puncture strength and tear resistance and you’ll quickly find – there is no comparison.

Splash has a proprietary skimmer design. The second point of suction means if debris or a toy gets into the top of the skimmer, it will continue to draw water. This keeps your pump from running dry and burning up. Plus, the skimmer will travel 8.5 inches with the pool water level, so it’s always skimming the surface. It’s another way the design helps ensure the pump doesn’t run dry and burn up – thereby prolonging pump life.

Splash has been making quality above ground pools for more than 30 years and Pool Tech Plus believes in their products. Need a little more convincing? Listen to what Splash customers have to say.

Backyard Summer Eats

One of the best things about summer is enjoying meals in the backyard. Whether you’re hosting a party, serving a family meal, or just enjoying a fun seasonal snack, eating outdoors is one of the joys of the season.

So this year, embrace it!

Try some of these ideas – maybe you’ll find a new family tradition!

Breakfast in the Backyard

For something fun and unexpected, serve breakfast outside on a lazy summer weekend. It’s okay to keep it simple – everyone will love it. Pancakes are a great choice and easy to make for a crowd. Serve ‘em up with a delicious fruit salad and plenty of syrup – breakfast is ready.

Grilling Favorites

Honey Chicken Kabobs make a delicious main dish. Marinate the chicken and veggies overnight in your refrigerator for the best flavor. Add any of your favorite vegetables to the mix. These are delicious with Classic Rice Pilaf, or maybe some whole grain rolls from your local bakery. Serve with a fresh tossed salad and iced tea or raspberry lemonade. Yummy!

Of course, traditional barbecue fare is always a crowd pleaser.

Make your favorite burgers or try something new. BBQ chicken is great with baked beans, potato salad, slaw, and grilled corn. Be sure to have plenty of napkins handy – the best BBQ is messy, messy, messy!

Cal Flame grills are the best in the business! We can set you up with a custom Cal Flame grill island!


From Strawberry and Cream Popsicles to classic Pudding Pops, frozen treats are a guaranteed hit. Purchase some ice cream sandwiches, individual ice cream cups, or other frozen treats from the supermarket.

Enjoying the outdoors is a summertime tradition. Including your favorite foods is a simple and easy way to elevate that experience we all love.

Wine and Water | Hot Tub Stress Relief

Commutes, 10 hour days, kids on the rampage, bills to pay, etc. – there are innumerable things piling on the stress in our daily lives. Finding relief, even for a moment, can seem impossible at times.

When you do have a few spare minutes to relax and unwind, be sure to maximize that time. A glass of wine and some hot water will have never felt so good.

One glass of wine (i.e. moderation) while the steam of the hot tub seeps into your pores will melt your cares away.

Hydrotherapy in a Master Spas hot tub is great for the mind and body. Research shows that the warm water can help balance your nervous system and encourage the release of dopamine, which combats stress. The American Heart Association reports that reducing stress will help your heart health too!

According to Health.com, a glass of wine on occasion can help with memory preservation, help with weight management, boost your immune system, increase bone mass, and help balance blood sugar.

Safely and intelligently combine these two healthy habits!

Come visit the Pool Tech Plus showroom. Our friendly, expert staff will be proud to show you the industry leading line-up of Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas.

Right now, we have Hot Tubs starting as low $89 a month and Swim Spas starting as low as $199 a month! Contact us to learn more about swim spa incentives and your opportunity to qualify for 6 months of 0% interest financing!

Disclaimer – Pool Tech Plus does not condone drinking in excess while soaking in your hot tub. That is dangerous. Moderation is the word of the day here folks.

Master Spas – American Made

When you buy a hot tub or swim spa from Pool Tech Plus, you’re not just investing in your own health and well-being – You’re investing in the health and well-being of our American community and economy.

When you think of hot tubs being produced in a factory, you may think of automated machines shuffling parts down a fast-moving assembly line.

Think again.

It’s true that incredible technology helps bring our tubs and swim spas to life. The level of precision and quality that our customers expect, however, would not be possible without crews of dedicated, experienced, passionate people at Master Spas.

It’s people who guide superheated acrylic into place over the molds and apply vacuum pressure to form the shell into shape. It’s human operators who strengthen the finished shells by spraying them with resin and fiberglass. It’s people who use tiny rollers to press out air pockets by hand. It’s the job of a person to sand the edges and drill holes for the jets. Human assemblers insert and seal the jets before creating elaborate webs of PVC hosing. Human beings attach tubes to the pumps and wire lighting into the shell. Finally, people spray expanding insulating foam, and then add another layer of foil-backed insulation before sealing the outside paneling.

Robots don’t make our spas – People do. When you order a Master Spas hot tub, dozens of American workers get to work in an American manufacturing plant, earn good money through an honest trade, and provide for their families.

Meanwhile, you’re at home with your family relaxing in your hot tub…

Visit Pool Tech Plus and see these industry leading, American made spas for yourself.


Most folks are so busy looking beyond the horizon that they overlook the beauty and potential of the immediate. Exacerbated by handheld internet connectivity and social media, most people have this sense that there’s always something better, something more entertaining just around the corner, or further afield.

Don’t take for granted where we live. There is such beauty and splendor right here in our own backyard. Likewise there should be in your actual backyard!

We are advocates of the staycation. What’s more, we are staycation experts!

Here’s our brief synopsis of what could make for a wonderful Las Cruces weekend:

Kick things off on Saturday with a hike or horseback ride in the mountains. Then head back home, fire up your Cal Flame grill, lay all of your preparations out on your grill island, and exhibit your grill mastery for family and friends.

After food and libations, climb into the hot tub and feel any soreness melt away.

Wake up on Sunday feeling refreshed. Hop into your pool or swim spa for a morning workout. Detox afterwards in your sauna and emerge feeling revitalized.

Are you lacking any or all of the above-mentioned staycation necessities? Come on down to the Pool Tech Plus showroom. We are experts in backyard aquatics and family fun.

Whether you’re interested in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, a Cal Flame Grill Island, a Splash Pool, or all of the above, we’ll be glad to help you outfit your yard with the leisure products you need to turn everyday into a staycation!

Sauna In Summer

We’re often asked, “Is it safe to sauna in the summer?”


With discretion and common sense, there’s no reason why a person shouldn’t continue their sauna use year round.

No matter the time of year, it is imperative that you stay well hydrated, continue to hydrate during your sauna session, and notify others of the time and duration that you’ll be enjoying your sauna. These are the same recommendations we’d make for swimming pool and spa safety as well.

As with spa use, the more you utilize your sauna, the better you’ll feel and the healthier you’ll be. Here’s a reminder of the health benefits of regular sauna use:

  • Calorie burn
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved blood flow
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved immune system function
  • Limber muscles and joints
  • Overall physical and mental relaxation
  • Increased quality time with friends and family

Visit our Good Health Sauna Section of our website, call us, or visit our showroom to learn more about our easy, stand alone saunas.

Get on the path to better health. Sauna this summer.

4th of July Pool Party

Swimming, barbecue, and fireworks!  Sounds like an Independence Day celebration to me. What better excuse to get together. Here are some tips for planning your 4th of July themed gathering.

Make the Pool and Backyard Festive

If you’ve yet to install your above ground pool, and really want to get into the holiday spirit, then ordering your Splash Pool now should have it up and ready just in time for your party.

Spruce up your pool even more with floating red, white and blue LED lights or glow sticks tossed in the water. Accessorizing the pool with beach balls and floating lounge chairs or adding a pop of color to the cushions on your outdoor furniture all get you in the holiday spirit. Hang red, white and blue lights or paper lanterns from the trees or your pergola.

Feed a Crowd

Bar-B-Que some tasty treats on your Cal FlameTM grill. It’s not a pool party without some awesome food; there are so many options! Have a potluck where all the guests bring sides and you provide the meat, be the ultimate host and create a menu, or find your sweet spot somewhere in between. Check out these easy Cal’s Southern Grilled Burgers or these recipes from Delish, just get brainstorming!

Don’t Forget the Fireworks

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and can see the grandiose display perfectly from your backyard — in which case, you should definitely plan your party for that night and avoid the crazy crowds to just be with your closest friends and family.

Regardless, shoot off at least a few fireworks at your 4th of July party, since that’s what the holiday is notoriously known for. Whether you provide them all yourself, do potluck fireworks to share, or everyone just bring their own, it’s a necessary part of your party plan, for sure.

With a little planning, you’re sure to bring together a great swimming pool party for the holiday. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!


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