Every month of the year is the perfect time to use your swim spa

Love your swim spa, all year long …

Kick the year off on the perfect note

(February) It’s a bit chilly outside

(March) But you can still swim; the weather doesn’t matter

(April) The water is warm even if the rain patters

Yeah, yeah, my heart’s in a whirl

I love, I love, I love my perfect swim spa pool

Every day (every day), every day (every day) of the year

It’s not just about swimming, the spa is great, too

(June) With these powerful jets you’ll no longer be blue

(July) You’ll love them if you haven’t tried them yet

(August) The massage they give is a fantastic bet

Yeah, yeah, my heart’s in a whirl

I love, I love, I love my perfect swim spa pool

Every day (every day), every day (every day) of the year

(September) Try the underwater treadmill for a great workout

(October) Turn on your favorite music and there’s no reason to pout

(November) The adjustable current is perfect

(December) Faster or slower, it can’t be beat

Yeah, yeah, my heart’s in a whirl

I love, I love, I love my perfect swim spa pool

Every day (every day), every day (every day) of the year!

Installed indoors or out, swim spas really are the perfect pool to enjoy all year long. The water is always the perfect temperature, and the adjustable current means you can swim for fitness for any distance at any speed you choose. After your workout, enjoy a comforting massage in your swim spa’s hydrotherapy seats. That’s a benefit you’ll never get from a traditional pool! Interested? Come see us to learn more!

Choose the perfect location for your new hot tub

When you are shopping for a hot tub, you’re busy comparing size, design, features and more. Once you’ve decided on the model that’s right for you, there’s one more equally important thing you need to think about.

Just where, exactly, are you going to put it?

Hot tubs can’t just be moved around on a whim. So it’s important to think through where you want your spa to sit, and what it’s going to take to achieve the ideal spa surroundings before it’s delivered. Because once it’s set in place and filled, it’s probably not going anywhere.


Most people like to place their hot tub near their back door for convenience. It’s not a necessity, but if you think you’ll be using your hot tub in all kinds a weather, you might appreciate that short walk.  

Shaded area

You may also want a shady location to make daytime dips on warm summer days more comfortable. But this could also block your view of the night sky (and stargazing from the hot tub is something a lot of people like to do), so be sure to really think through how you’re most likely to use your spa.


Privacy is another important consideration. No one wants to settle in for a relaxing soak, only to look up and see the neighbors. There’s lots of ways you can create privacy if your yard doesn’t naturally provide it – fencing, a screen of tall plants, an ivy-covered trellis, etc.

Soak in the view

If your yard has a view, position your hot tub to take advantage of it. Soaking in that scenery while you’re, well, soaking, is good for the soul.

Other things to think about:

  • Plant colorful, flowering plants that will attract birds and butterflies around your hot tub to enjoy during the summer months.
  • Lighting can create a special environment at night. Your hot tub may have it’s own lighting, but you can also consider party lights, tiki torches or landscape lighting, too.
  • Add some outdoor seating nearby for those who aren’t in the tub, or as a place to rest robes and towels.
  • Keep an outdoor storage box nearby to store supplies.
  • If you want to create a complete relaxation zone, consider building a fire pit near your hot tub and seating area.

Before you know it, you’ll have the backyard paradise you’ve always wanted!

Supercharge Your Sedentary Time!

If you’re going to be sitting at home, you may as well be sitting in a hot tub! Here are just a handful of hot tub hobby hints…  

Morning coffee

Hot coffee in your hot tub to start the day – Why wouldn’t ya?  

Evening cocktails

Why sit on that old uncomfortable couch when you could be having a nightcap AND a massage at the same time?  

Listening to music

Some of our spas come standard with bluetooth compatible music systems installed!  


That good book you were reading just got better!  


Needless to say, the soothing sensations of hot tub soaks lend very nicely to meditation.  


When was the last time you did? Your hot tub provides a nightly excuse to re-familiarize yourself with the constellations.  


Need some alone time? Well, shutting yourself in your room sounds more like a punishment! Treat yourself to some seclusion in your spa. You owe yourself some quality time.  


Sometimes, the more the merrier! Having friends over to catch up? Tell them to bring their suits!  

Getting a massage

Your spouse doesn’t want to give you a massage? Your spa does!  

Date night

Why drive across town and spend a bunch of money when you can unwind together in the comfort of your spa and in the privacy of your own yard?   Spas are among the few treats out there that are truly good for you! Want to learn about the therapeutic benefits of regular hot tub use? Come on down and visit us! We look forward to meeting you.

Shopping For A Spa? Here’s Where To Start…

At home!

Streamline your spa shopping experience by doing your due diligence on the front end. You’ll need to figure out your needs and your limitations prior to meeting with our sales team. Though some of our staff are rumored to have ESP, most of us lose our regular sensory perception once our morning coffee wears off… So in the event you end up dealing with one of us regular folks, we’d love to know the following for starters:

What is your budget?

Have you been saving? Are you interested in applying for one of our awesome financing options? Do you have room in your budget for the operation and maintenance costs of spa ownership?   Your overall budget will help us guide you through the different tiers of spas that we offer – and help us to suggest accessories that will enhance your soak sessions!

Where do you plan to put your new spa?

Indoors? Outdoors? Simply set up on top of a concrete slab? Incorporated into a custom deck?   Installs can run the gamut from mild to wild. However and wherever you plan to install your new spa, you’ll certainly need to give us some general measurements of the area – again to streamline the search. From there we can get into numbers of seats – a perfect segway into your next bit of homework…

Do you require any particular spa features?

Are you interested in a swim spa or a hot tub?   Is it a physical ailment that’s provided the impetus for your spa search? We can help you find the perfect spa based on your therapeutic needs.   Do you have minimum or maximum seating needs?   Do you want the bare bones basics or will you require drink holders, water features, custom lights, and a bluetooth sound system?

The Pool Tech Plus Promise:

Do this little bit of homework for us and we’ll make sure you get the right spa for your needs – A spa that will give you years of trouble free family fun, health, and happiness. We’ll be available every step of the way and well into the future should you need any spa service or supplies!   Come on down and see us. We’ve got the coffee on!

Enjoy The Game, More!

Football is pretty rough on a player’s body. Come to think of it, football can be pretty rough on the spectator too! Sitting on the couch, eyes and ears glued to the television, overindulging in snacks and pizza can all take their toll on your body – and can sometimes draw the fire out of your significant other, “All he does is sit there and watch football…”  

Well, we know just how you can have football, health, and happiness at home – Watch the game from your spa!

  Football players know the therapeutic benefits of hot tub use. Hot tubs are indispensable items in the world of professional sports!  


There’s no question that watching your team play from your hot tub would be more comfortable and more fun than watching from the couch. Stream the game from a tablet or set up a television if convenient… Imagine getting a back massage (finally) for the duration of the game! Heck, your wife would likely be inclined to join you to boot!  


So get your favorite snacks, drinks, and maybe even a cigar – about that health… Let’s start with the football and the happiness. Who wants to watch the game eating celery sticks and carrots?     At any rate, you’ll be all the healthier from the hydrotherapy and the good company during the game for a change.

Hot tub chemistry make you nervous? Don’t sweat it.

Does thinking about keeping the water in your hot tub properly balanced make you as nervous as a high school student facing a pop quiz in chemistry class? We get it – all that talk about pH and alkalinity can be as overwhelming as that time your 6th grade science teacher made you memorize the periodic table.

Take a deep breath. It’s really not that hard. A little studying and you’re sure to pass this course with an easy “A,” and have safe, clean water to enjoy in your Michael Phelps Legend, Twilight, Healthy Living or Clarity Spa.

Here’s your study guide:
  1. pH levels – 7.2 – 7.8
  2. alkalinity  – 80 – 120
  3. sanitizer – 1.5 – 3.0 (chlorine) or 3.0 – 5.0 (bromine)
  4. amount of organic material in the water

These elements are all connected, and all affect the cleanliness and safety of your spa water. To keep them in check, add these items to your school supply, err, hot tub supply, list:
  1. testing strips
  2. alkalinity adjuster
  3. sanitizer and shock chemicals
  4. pH adjuster

The test for this class is super easy – just dip your test strip according the package directions, and compare colors on the strip with the color swatches on the strip package. Check your levels in this order:
  1. alkalinity
  2. pH
  3. sanitizer

If testing indicates something needs to be adjusted, correct it according to package directions. If more than one chemical is out of balance, correct one thing at a time waiting several hours between chemical additions. (Teacher’s note – before you add additional chemicals, be sure to test again to make sure they are still needed.)

The only other thing you’ll need to do is shock your hot tub about once a week. Think of it like recess for your spa water – a chance to clear out all the gunk, just like recess always helped you clear your mind. Shocking is important, no matter how good you are about sanitizing, checking and balancing your spa water.

Now, you’re ready for your final exam! Trust us, you’ll love this one. All you have to do is enjoy your Master Spas hot tub from Pool Tech Plus.

Upgrade your spa with a cover lifter this fall

You have your suit on, you’ve grabbed your towel, and your favorite music is playing in the background. You’re all ready for some serious rest and relaxation in your favorite place in the house – your hot tub.  But first, there’s something you have to take care of. That heavy, bulky cover.

You know you have to have one – it keeps the heat in and dirt and debris out, keeping your hot tub clean and helping it run efficiently. But wow! It sure is heavy and awkward to move. When your family is home you can ask for help but when you’re home alone there’s only one thing you can do.


You manage to fold back half of the cover.


You reach around and drag the cover off the rest of the way, flopping it onto the patio. It’s not good for the cover, but what else are you supposed to do? You may not be as buff as The Rock, but you’re no slouch, either, you know? It’s just that the cover is so darn heavy and awkward to move around.  

But there IS a solution – a cover lifter!

These handy gadgets attach to your hot tub (they can also attach to a deck, depending on the model and your hot tub installation) and make it incredibly easy to remove your cover, all by yourself – no bodybuilder-level strength required. Cover lifters come in three different types:
  • Manual pivot
  • Shelf-style
  • Hydraulic-assisted
And they install in one of these ways:
  • Under
  • Side
  • Top and bottom mount.

The type you choose will depend on your preferences and budget; the installation will depend on the cover you select, and the way your hot tub is installed.

To choose a cover lifter, you need to know how much space you have behind your spa, and on the side where the lifter will install. Stop by our store and we can help you select the cover lifter that’s perfect for your spa.  

Then, the next time you want to enjoy a soothing hydromassage and you’re home alone – no worries! You can lift that cover right off. And if you want to pretend like you’re as strong as The Rock while you do it, we won’t tell.

Make a wish … for great hot tub accessories

Let’s be honest. You’ve waited your WHOLE LIFE for your fairy godmother to show up. And when she did – you blew it. You could have asked for anything in the world, and your mind went completely, absolutely, entirely … blank.

Who knows if you’ll ever get a second chance? Some say your fairy godmother only visits once and if you blow it, well, that’s just too bad.

But we’re optimists. We think there’s always a chance. And just in case she shows up again, you better be prepared. So we’ve done the planning for you, and put together a little list. It might not be exactly what you thought you’d ask your fairy godmother for, but hey – hot tub accessories actually make great gifts for yourself! Here are some ideas to get you started:

A fun lighting system

Most of today’s hot tubs come with some type of integrated lights. But installing a colored, LED lighting system (most include options for blinking, rainbow colors and more) can help you set any mood you’d like. And, they’re affordable. Double-win!

Comfy seat cushions

Special seat cushions can make your spa time extra comfortable. They’re also great for people who have hip or back issues and can’t sit for long periods on traditional spa seats. Just imagine how comfortable they would make these Michael Phelps Legend Series spas.

Handy trays and caddies

If you like to enjoy a drink while you’re relaxing in your hot tub, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. These attach to the side of your spa, like these Clarity models, and give you a safe, dry place to rest your beverage, while keeping it within easy reach.

A great sound system

If your hot tub didn’t come with a sound system, you don’t know what you’re missing. Hot tub sound systems are soooo much better than just playing music straight from your phone. They’re waterproof for one. Plus, most can stream music from your device via Bluetooth so you can still hear your playlist but keep your device safe and dry.

A useful cover lifter

Lifting a spa cover by yourself is … not easy. A cover lifter solves the problem. These attach to the bottom or side of your spa, and turn cover removal into a one-person job.

All we’re saying is, there’s a chance you’ll get another visit. So like a good scout, “Be prepared!” And if you don’t, well, give the gift of hot tub accessories to yourself, or the hot tub owner on your list.

Plan the ultimate backyard movie night

There are a lot of things that make living in New Mexico pretty amazing – but one of the best is our fall weather. While hosting weenie roasts and making s’mores in your backyard fire pit are fun, and star-gazing from your patio or deck is always relaxing – there’s a new trend in backyard entertainment that’s just perfect for desert fall nights: a backyard movie theater you can enjoy from the comfort of your hot tub! It sounds like a big project, but it’s actually easier than you might thing to get started. You can create a backyard theater to fit most any space, and most any budget. Here’s how:

The Screen

A movie theater isn’t a movie theater without a screen. Some people temporarily fasten a plain white bedsheet to the back of their house (cheap and easy!), or stretch it tightly between upright posts specially constructed for the purpose. You can also purchase outdoor-safe screens in a variety of sizes, and even inflatable screens – these are perfect when you want a good, reflect screen surface but don’t have the space for a more permanent solution.

The Projector, Sound and Playback System

You can spend a few hundred to a few thousand on a projector. But you can get excellent results for your hot tub backyard movie theater with a projector on the lower end of the range. A quick online search will yield a lot of results. Be sure to read the reviews for honest feedback from people who’ve purchased the system before you.

For sound, you have a range of options, too. Smaller, inexpensive speakers can still provide great sound quality – or you can “go big” with a full surround sound system. The choice is yours.

You’re also going to need a system to get that movie to the projector. Gaming consoles are portable and work really well for this, as do streaming movie players. Just be sure whatever components you choose, they’re all fully compatible.

Now you’re ready to settle into your hot tub – if you’d like to entertain a crowd for movie night, maybe one like this from the Master Spas Twilight Series – and enjoy the warm water and hydromassage while you watch a new movie or a family favorite. Just make sure you don’t drop the popcorn!

Teaching Children About Hot Tub Care

Raise a child up in the way he should go… and eventually he’ll take over the hot tub maintenance for you (like all the other household chores he will slowly inherit). So how do you integrate your little minion darlings into the hot tub care routine? One task at a time.

Start Small

Age five or six is the time that most kids start getting regular chores around the home. A great weekly hot tub associated chore at this age would be to have her wipe down the hot tub cabinetry to remove dirt and debris. Of course, it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that you should never leave your small child unattended around the hot tub, especially if the cover isn’t locked on. As your child gets older, he or she can be more responsible with hot tub care, such as checking the water level and adding water with the hose when necessary (again, under supervision) or using the water vacuum to get debris out of the hot tub.

Testing the Water

As you test the hot tub water several times a week, it’s an easy way to show your child all that goes into caring for a hot tub. Little ones can help you dip the test strips in the water and work on their numbers by telling you the result. With older children, you can explain the importance of balance water pH to maintain a clean hot tub. And, with the right instruction, those teenagers can actually help to keep the pH where it should be (once you can fully trust them to handle the sanitizer chemicals). You invested in this hot tub for your family’s enjoyment, so, as with your home, vehicles and anything else that is worth maintaining, your children need to learn the importance of responsible care for the luxuries they have. And appreciation for how hard you work to provide them with nice things.

The Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

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