Swimming and Joint Pain: No Pain, All Gain

If you’ve got joint pain, there are two types of exercises: the ones that hurt and the ones that don’t. The old adage “no pain, no gain” is simply not true. For people with aching joints, pain and gain just don’t go together — and with a swim spa, there’s no reason they should have to. Swim spa owners rave about loving the convenience of their roaring rivers in a box. You get all the benefits of swimming in a pool with a fraction of the cost and maintenance. You need far fewer chemicals, you can enjoy them all year round and you’ll never grow out of the current, which is enough to challenge even Olympic-level swimmers.


But the benefits don’t stop there. Let’s talk about exercise and how it affects people with achy joints.

By definition, a low-impact workout is any exercise that keeps at least one foot on the ground at all times. With high-impact exercises, like running, both feet momentarily leave the ground. Running can cause an impact of two-and-a-half times the runner’s body weight. If you have joint pain, the benefits of the workout simply aren’t worth the agony. Swimming, on the other hand, is well worth it. Swimming isn’t high impact, or even low impact. Swimming is among the world’s only full-body, no-impact exercises. Every cell in your body works and is revitalized when swimming laps, all without any stress on your joints whatsoever. If you choose, you can walk against the current, treadmill style — only this treadmill might as well be on the moon. Your body weighs so little when submerged, that even walking against the current will have essentially no impact.

So there you have it. You can actually buy a rectangle-shaped box that brings all of the benefits of a no-impact, full-body swimming workout onto your deck.

No pain. All gain.  

Hot Tub: The Cure for a Golfer’s Pain (Both On & Off the Course)

Which part of your golf game hurts more, the pain in your hands, shoulders, hips and back, or the fact that you’ve sliced on three out of your last five drives? What if they hurt exactly the same because one is directly related to the other? And what if you could cure them both with hydrotherapy? To outside observers, golf might seem like a leisurely stroll through the park, but anyone who loves the game knows that, after a certain age, golf hurts. Cramped hands. Wrenching twists and turns. Swinging on uneven ground. You bring those pains and tweaks and pinches home with you.

Image result for golf stock photo

If you came home to a hot tub, a soak after the 18th hole could melt those pains away.

  • Hot water loosens stiff muscles, like the kind that scream at you what you’re digging out of the sand in the bunker — again.
  • Pulsing jets massage away muscle tightness, like the kind that flare up in your lower back every time you hit a 9-iron full swing out of the rough.
  • Soothing hydrotherapy melts away inflammation, like the kind in your elbows and hands that forces you to let up on your swing before you fully follow through. That’s the reason you spend so much time searching in the woods for a ball that would have stayed on the fairway had everything not hurt so much when you swung. Couple that with a soak before you head out onto the course, and you’ll prepare your body for the rigors to come, improving your swing, improving your game and feeling good for once while you play.

Golf is supposed to be fun, but there’s nothing fun about nerve endings screaming at you on every swing. Hydrotherapy might just be the most neglected aspect of your game.

What you do before and after you hit the course matters just as much as what you do on the course.

Easy Rider, Hard on Joints and Muscles

What do “Easy Rider” “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Sons of Anarchy” all have in common? They all go out of their way to show how much fun it is to hit the road on a motorcycle while failing to mention the extent to which your entire body aches when you get off of that growling, roaring beast a few hours later. From the unrelenting vibrating to the constant hand gripping to the immobile legs, riding a bike hurts even when you don’t fall. But relief for road-weary riders is just a 102-degree box of hot water away. Image result for motorcycle sunset

If you own a bike, you should own a spa. Period.

Tearing up the highway tears up your body, and when you get home, there is simply no better way to soothe and heal the beleaguered biker than with a soak in a spa. The hot water releases tension built up from long rides. The powerful jets unkink cramped muscles while relieving inflammation and tightness. The powerful, relaxing, meditative effect of hydrotherapy rejuvenates the mind, soul and wind-burned skin. They say that you don’t get out of a hot tub the same way you get in — and this is never more true than it is for the exclusive tribe of thrill seekers who prefer to pass the miles on two wheels instead of four.

Every show or movie that features bikers makes sure to give an intimate peek inside their clubhouse.

Every clubhouse shares a few features. They all have a pool table. They all have a bar. They all have a shady room in the back where they hold “church” meetings where the newbies and hang-around guys aren’t allowed. But none of them ever have spas. Maybe they should. Maybe if the movies showed a bunch of brawny, bearded, scarred-up dudes unwinding in a hot tub after Sturgis, real-world bikers would realize the undeniable connection between Harleys and hot tubs.  

Beneficial but Low Impact Exercise in Your Swim Spa

What ails you? Do you suffer from joint pain? Do you have an old football injury that has your knee feeling constantly uncomfortable? Maybe you’re simply feeling the effects of wear and tear on a body from a happy and long life.

There can be any number of reasons that traditional exercise is next to impossible, regardless of how active you want or need to be for your health. Even simply going for a walk can be difficult and painful for some. Instead, you have to look at low impact exercise options to get in the health benefits of activity without making your current problems worse.


That’s where a H2X Swim Spa comes in.

The constant, measured current from the spa jets allows you to build endurance and strengthen muscles, as opposed to swimming in a traditional pool without significant current. Swimming keeps your heart rate up for cardiovascular benefits, with less impact stress on your body. Your heart and lungs will be grateful, and your body weight more manageable.

In addition to swimming, Michael Phelps Swim Spas provide a vast array of exercise equipment and regimen possibilities, all of which minimize the impact on problem areas, such as bad joints or an injured knee.

Aquatic tread mills and bikes give you the opportunity to do the cardio workouts your body may need, while the buoyancy of the water drastically reduces the impact these machines would have on your joints if you did them in a gym. Get some water weights for low impact strength training too. Or simply put together your own workout regimen in your swim spa to maximize help to your own problem areas.

Of course, there’s the added benefit of a swim spa taking up less space in your yard than a pool, and coming equipped with a hot tub to help with relaxation after a vigorous workout.

All around, it’s a must have for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Frequent Sauna Use Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Saunas help you sleep better, lose weight, detox your body and relax sore muscles. Did you know, however, that frequent sauna usage can also improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart attack? Home-MainAd3

An observation performed by researchers at the University of Eastern Finland kept track of 2,300 middle-aged men over a span of about 20 years. The results, published by JAMA Internal Medicine, reported that the men spent an average of 14 minutes with each visit to the sauna, with the heat set at about 175°F. Observations revealed that:
  • 49% of men who used a sauna once a week died during the study
  • 38% of men who used a sauna no more than three times a week died during the study
  • 31% of men who used a sauna four to seven times a week died during the study
“The cardiovascular effects of sauna have been well documented in the past. It lowers blood pressure, and there is every reason to believe that its effects are good for blood vessels,” says Dr. Thomas H. Lee, a cardiologist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital and founding editor of the Harvard Heart Letter. In fact, Dr. Lee’s assessment is spot on according to this Finland study, which concluded that:  “Increased frequency of sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD), fatal coronary heart disease (CHD), fatal cardiovascular disease (CVD), and all-cause mortality. Further studies are warranted to establish the potential mechanism that links sauna bathing and cardiovascular health.”

So if you’re looking for a reason to convince your loved one that a Good Health Sauna is a worth-while purchase, living longer is certainly a point for you (if you’re keeping score). And, if you already have a sauna, consider using 15-20 minutes each day to improve your overall health.

Harleys And Hot Tubs: Perfect Together

There is simply nothing on this Earth like hitting the road for a long ride on a Harley. Two wheels, the wind in your face, the roar of the engine, the ogling from the people you pass in their boring Honda Civics. The freedom. The journey. The — oh my God, why do I feel like someone just stabbed me in the lower back with a Phillip’s head screwdriver?

There’s a reason every single Harley on the planet has Aspirin in the saddlebags. Riding hurts.

You’ve read every article about maintaining good posture on a bike. You’ve subscribed to all the blogs that pore over every detail about proper position in the saddle. Yet every time you pull into the driveway and climb off your bike, your entire body feels like Braveheart on the rack. So, what do you do? You hobble inside, limp to the medicine cabinet and gobble up ibuprofen like Cookie Monster.


But there’s an alternative.

Next time you come back from a long ride, head straight for your spa. There is simply nothing in the world that is more perfectly built to soothe the road pain right out of you. 
  • Throbbing muscles massaged back to normal.
  • Achy back relieved and loosened.
  • Stiff hands and fingers relieved.
  • That perpetual ghost vibration you still feel 40 minutes after you shut off the engine? Gone.  
You know all that tightness in your neck that comes from holding your helmeted head up straight for the entire ride? You can feel it melt away after just a few minutes in the hot tub. When you look at list of the ailments that spas can soothe and heal, and then look at a list of aches and pains that are common to bikers, you’d have to conclude that hot tubs were designed for and by bikers alone. That’s not true, of course, but who cares? The point is, every ache, pain, stiffness and tightness that you take home from the highway can be dissolved like Alka Seltzer in a spa.

Golf and the Art of Hot Tub Relief

So after you sink that final putt on the 18th hole, what do you do when you’re done playing a round of golf? You go home and lie to your family about your score, of course. Then what? If it’s anything other than making a beeline for your spa, you’re cheating yourself, your body and your golf game.

clarity spas 2013 relaxed man in hot tub

It’s no secret that therapists have been using heat therapy and hydrotherapy on their golfer clients for years.

You can get both at the same time by warming up (literally) in your spa before you play and heading straight to the hot tub to recover when you’re done. How does it work? Let’s take a look at what the experts say. According to GolfChannel.com, golfers are especially prone to 10 common injuries and ailments. Nine of them can be alleviated, avoided or soothed with hot tub therapy. Let’s start with the 10th problem, which hot tubs can’t fix. Sunburn. The 10th one is sunburn. If you’re going golfing in the hot sun, wear sunblock. Or don’t. But if you turn bright red, it’s not your hot tub’s fault. The other nine are:
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Tendinitis in the elbows
  • Wrist injuries
  • Rotator cuff pain
  • Hand and finger pain
  • Neck pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Hip problems
Every single one of these involves inflammation, swelling, muscle tightness, tension, stiffness and/or blood vessel constriction, all of which are screaming your hot tub’s name.

Hot tubs are healing machines for golfers, so the next time spend three hours twisting yourself into a pretzel with a heavy hunk of iron, come home to your your spa.

With the exception of sunburn, your hot tub can solve every problem your golf game gives you. Except for that horrific slice on the 11th. And the the three balls you put in the drink. And the chip shot you skulled over the green. That’s all on you — the rest can be healed by a soak in the spa.

Cloudy Water: Eradicating Your Hot Tub’s Nemesis

The purpose of chemicals in your hot tub water is to keep it clean. It’s like taking a multi-vitamin to fend off a cold. However, in both instances, that cold sometimes comes or your hot tub water sometimes gets cloudy, despite preventative measures. And, just like with the slew of home remedies available to kick a cold out the door, there are a number of things you can do to remedy a cloudy water problem.

Image result for cloudy hot tub water

Cloudy water in your hot tub occurs when microscopic suspended particles are introduced to the water – such as smog in the air in a big city – and intensifying. These impurities can enter the water through exposure to the environment, the source water, or even from bathers that use the hot tub. An improper water balance or inconsistency in regard to sanitizing the water can result in the intensification of the particles, leading to clouding water.

To remedy cloudy water you’ll first need to test it to see exactly where the chemical makeup sets, and then you’ll need to add chemicals accordingly.

For example, if the pH is too high, you’ll need a pH Decreaser. A Spa Shock will oxidize contaminants. Add SpaGuard bromine or chlorine to increase sanitation levels (depending on which you regularly use for your hot tub). Clean or change your hot tub filter. If you’re concerned about how exactly to complete these tasks, then contact us at Pool Tech Plus and we’ll be happy to help you.

Also, in order to prevent cloudy water in the future, you need to maintain a regular maintenance schedule for treating your hot tub water. Regular use of SpaGuard products will keep your water balanced and inviting. We also have a suggested hot tub maintenance schedule available to help you stay on top of your hot tub care and hopefully prevent cloudy water in the future.

Why a Covana Cover for Your Hot Tub?

When closed, it keeps your hot tub protected and the water warm; when open, it serves as a gazebo over your hot tub. Covana automated hot tub covers are top-of-the-line as far as covers go. Let us count the reasons why.

Image result for covana spa cover Image result for covana spa cover  

Ease of Use

With the turn of a key or push of a button, a Covana cover raises automatically and does all of the heavy lifting for you.

Protection from the Elements

Covana covers provide shade, reduce wind and keep out precipitation, giving you the chance to enjoy your hot tub anytime.

Get in Your Hot Tub More

Hot tub owners who switch to Covana covers often report using their hot tub more now that they don’t have to mess with getting a cover off and on manually.

Keep it Hot

Covana covers have R-21 insulation, so the heat stays in the hot tub where it belongs.

Limited Access

Only the person with the key can unlock and raise a Covana cover, which means your kids are safe and no one else can get in it without your permission.

Make it Yours

Optional shades, screens and murals are available to personalize your Covana cover when it’s in gazebo form. Covana covers also have eight colors of LED lighting available.

Impress the Neighbors

There is something to be said for having your friends and family in awe when you open your hot tub cover. Owning a Covana cover definitely carries a sense of pride.

You’ll never have to mess with a heavy, smelly, leaky traditional cover again. Invest in a Covana hot tub cover today. “I wish I never bought that pain-in-the-neck Covana cover.” Said no one… ever.

Let the Year of the Swim Spa Begin!

It’s right around the corner – 2017 and the excitement of making New Year’s resolutions, fist in the air and an determination in your eyes. Yet, over a matter of time, that fist and those eyes slowly drop as motivation dwindles. There’s got to be better way.

There is.

Part of the problem is that we set ourselves up to where losing motivation is inevitable.

We want to get fit, so we buy a gym membership. Then it turns out that getting to the gym as often as we would like is seemingly impossible with our busy schedules – no one really wants to get up at 4 a.m. to have time at the gym before work. Or we determine to eliminate stress from our lives by learning to say no, spending more time relaxing and building margin into our schedules. And then we buy a gym membership and have to try and figure out where to fit that in. Catch22 and that gym membership gets ignored.


We have a suggestion that may get two birds in one blow: put a Michael Phelps Swim Spa in your backyard.

With one of those beauties available to you at any time, you’ll find it much more reasonable to hit your fitness goals for 2017 because you’re eliminating travel time and it’s easier to work around your schedule.

Not to mention, these and H2X Swim Spas have hot tubs attached to them.

You can complete your workout in the morning with the swim spa portion, and then relax the cares of the days away in the hot tub each evening, making both your fitness and less-stress New Year’s goals achievable! Don’t even get us started on the social benefits of a swim spa in your backyard, including time with your loved ones and friends. If you add an outdoor kitchen, you’re all set to entertain or just have a relaxing evening at home.

Utilize a Michael Phelps or H2X Swim Spa to help you become the best you that you can be in 2017. You’ll be glad for it!

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