Master Spas – American Made

When you buy a hot tub or swim spa from Pool Tech Plus, you’re not just investing in your own health and well-being – You’re investing in the health and well-being of our American community and economy.

When you think of hot tubs being produced in a factory, you may think of automated machines shuffling parts down a fast-moving assembly line.

Think again.

It’s true that incredible technology helps bring our tubs and swim spas to life. The level of precision and quality that our customers expect, however, would not be possible without crews of dedicated, experienced, passionate people at Master Spas.

It’s people who guide superheated acrylic into place over the molds and apply vacuum pressure to form the shell into shape. It’s human operators who strengthen the finished shells by spraying them with resin and fiberglass. It’s people who use tiny rollers to press out air pockets by hand. It’s the job of a person to sand the edges and drill holes for the jets. Human assemblers insert and seal the jets before creating elaborate webs of PVC hosing. Human beings attach tubes to the pumps and wire lighting into the shell. Finally, people spray expanding insulating foam, and then add another layer of foil-backed insulation before sealing the outside paneling.

Robots don’t make our spas – People do. When you order a Master Spas hot tub, dozens of American workers get to work in an American manufacturing plant, earn good money through an honest trade, and provide for their families.

Meanwhile, you’re at home with your family relaxing in your hot tub…

Visit Pool Tech Plus and see these industry leading, American made spas for yourself.


Most folks are so busy looking beyond the horizon that they overlook the beauty and potential of the immediate. Exacerbated by handheld internet connectivity and social media, most people have this sense that there’s always something better, something more entertaining just around the corner, or further afield.

Don’t take for granted where we live. There is such beauty and splendor right here in our own backyard. Likewise there should be in your actual backyard!

We are advocates of the staycation. What’s more, we are staycation experts!

Here’s our brief synopsis of what could make for a wonderful Las Cruces weekend:

Kick things off on Saturday with a hike or horseback ride in the mountains. Then head back home, fire up your Cal Flame grill, lay all of your preparations out on your grill island, and exhibit your grill mastery for family and friends.

After food and libations, climb into the hot tub and feel any soreness melt away.

Wake up on Sunday feeling refreshed. Hop into your pool or swim spa for a morning workout. Detox afterwards in your sauna and emerge feeling revitalized.

Are you lacking any or all of the above-mentioned staycation necessities? Come on down to the Pool Tech Plus showroom. We are experts in backyard aquatics and family fun.

Whether you’re interested in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, a Cal Flame Grill Island, a Splash Pool, or all of the above, we’ll be glad to help you outfit your yard with the leisure products you need to turn everyday into a staycation!

Sauna In Summer

We’re often asked, “Is it safe to sauna in the summer?”


With discretion and common sense, there’s no reason why a person shouldn’t continue their sauna use year round.

No matter the time of year, it is imperative that you stay well hydrated, continue to hydrate during your sauna session, and notify others of the time and duration that you’ll be enjoying your sauna. These are the same recommendations we’d make for swimming pool and spa safety as well.

As with spa use, the more you utilize your sauna, the better you’ll feel and the healthier you’ll be. Here’s a reminder of the health benefits of regular sauna use:

  • Calorie burn
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved blood flow
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved immune system function
  • Limber muscles and joints
  • Overall physical and mental relaxation
  • Increased quality time with friends and family

Visit our Good Health Sauna Section of our website, call us, or visit our showroom to learn more about our easy, stand alone saunas.

Get on the path to better health. Sauna this summer.

4th of July Pool Party

Swimming, barbecue, and fireworks!  Sounds like an Independence Day celebration to me. What better excuse to get together. Here are some tips for planning your 4th of July themed gathering.

Make the Pool and Backyard Festive

If you’ve yet to install your above ground pool, and really want to get into the holiday spirit, then ordering your Splash Pool now should have it up and ready just in time for your party.

Spruce up your pool even more with floating red, white and blue LED lights or glow sticks tossed in the water. Accessorizing the pool with beach balls and floating lounge chairs or adding a pop of color to the cushions on your outdoor furniture all get you in the holiday spirit. Hang red, white and blue lights or paper lanterns from the trees or your pergola.

Feed a Crowd

Bar-B-Que some tasty treats on your Cal FlameTM grill. It’s not a pool party without some awesome food; there are so many options! Have a potluck where all the guests bring sides and you provide the meat, be the ultimate host and create a menu, or find your sweet spot somewhere in between. Check out these easy Cal’s Southern Grilled Burgers or these recipes from Delish, just get brainstorming!

Don’t Forget the Fireworks

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and can see the grandiose display perfectly from your backyard — in which case, you should definitely plan your party for that night and avoid the crazy crowds to just be with your closest friends and family.

Regardless, shoot off at least a few fireworks at your 4th of July party, since that’s what the holiday is notoriously known for. Whether you provide them all yourself, do potluck fireworks to share, or everyone just bring their own, it’s a necessary part of your party plan, for sure.

With a little planning, you’re sure to bring together a great swimming pool party for the holiday. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!


Grilling for Father’s Day

On Mother’s Day, mom wants peace and quiet. She doesn’t want to cook. She doesn’t want to parent. She wants a respite from all everyday life occurrences.

Dad, on Father’s Day, just wants to light up the grill, relax and watch the game or play video games. If the family is around, cool. If not, it won’t change his activities for the day.

Now, your Father’s Day festivities may be a little bit different. You may have the whole extended family over, you may spend the day with friends, or you may even go out to do something fun, like go-carts. Chances are, though, grilling fits in there somewhere. And if it doesn’t, it’s probably because Dad doesn’t have the set-up he wants yet; he doesn’t have a Cal FlameTM Grill Island.

And that’s going to be the Father’s Day gift that sets the bar so high you won’t know what to do next year.

Cal FlameTM  distinguishes itself as an elite BBQ cart manufacturer by providing the best craftsmanship, the finest materials, and the most experience as an outdoor outfitter. At Pool Tech Plus, we have designs to fit any budget. We can help you design a full outdoor kitchen space for your prolific grillman, or pick a basic stand-alone unit that fits his occasional use needs.

And if you already have a great grilling set up in your backyard, then you’re probably looking for some awesome recipes for your Father’s Day festivities. Here are some ideas:

Plan the menu, thaw the meat and light the flame. Don’t worry about pomp and circumstance. Dad will be happy with a great, manly meal and quality time with those that mean the most to him. Happy Father’s Day from Pool Tech Plus!

Hot tubbing in the summertime

Yes! You can – and should – enjoy your Master Spas hot tub all year long. Once you get used to the calming, relaxing, rejuvenating effects, you don’t ever want to be without it, even in the middle of a New Mexico summer.

It seems like a no-brainer, but during the summer you’ll probably enjoy your hot tub more if you lower the temperature. Most people find somewhere between 85-94 degrees comfortable in the summer heat. Keep the cover on to insulate the water from the ambient temperature. On very hot days, you might consider just turning off the heater completely. The sun and air can warm the water to a comfortable – but not hot – temperature, just like it would with a swimming pool.

If your hot tub sits in the sun, you’ll need to apply sunscreen just like you would if you were going to the pool. A wide-brim hat and sunglasses are good ideas, too. Of course, if your hot tub is installed in a shaded area – say beneath a gazebo, covered porch or similar structure, the sun won’t be a concern for you.

Staying hydrated in the summer is always important, no matter what you’re doing. So while you’re soaking, keep a bottle of cold water nearby, and be sure to sip frequently so you don’t become dehydrated. Keep the alcohol to a minimum, though. It can actually dehydrate you.

You should also consider a nighttime dip. If you still want the soothing effects of warmer water, even on hot days, think about delaying your soak until the sun goes down. You can turn the temperature back up a little, and enjoy the soothing water and hydrotherapy while you do a little star gazing. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

With just a few minor adjustments you can get maximum enjoyment from your Master Spas hot tub, year round.

Use an Autovac. Get some time back.

When you purchased your pool, you had one thing in mind. Fun. Relaxation. Family time. OK – three things. Probably, at a minimum. But one thing we can guarantee you weren’t looking forward to is keeping your pool clean. It’s the necessary evil of pool ownership.

Everyone wants a pool with fresh, clean, sparkling water. But sometimes achieving that can be a lot of work. Fortunately, there are a lot of great products on the market today that are designed to help. One of the best is the AquaVac robotic pool cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaners work well for pools of almost any size or shape. They’re energy efficient, using about the same energy as a standard light bulb and significantly less than pressure cleaners. Plus, they require less work on your part.

AquaVacs work independently from your pool’s filtration system. The tool-free installation and plug-in-and-go operation means you spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your backyard oasis. Plus, the superior suction power can handle nearly any size of debris, so you don’t have to fish out debris other cleaning systems might miss.

Other features include two scrubbing brushes and four wheels so the AquaVac can navigate nearly any obstacle, and two cleaning modes – a quicker floor-only clean and a longer mode to clean the floor and sides of your pool.

Watch the AquaVac in action to see how easily it cleans your pool.

Sure, a robotic pool cleaner is an investment. But think of it not as an investment in pool cleaning, but an investment in your time. Because after all, that’s exactly what it is. A way to get back time spent collecting debris and scrubbing the walls of your pool in the hot sun, and turn it into time spent swimming, playing and relaxing poolside. After all, that’s what the pool life is all about.

You’ve never seen a pool like this before

Above ground pools have been around for a long time. And, let’s be honest – while todays above ground pools have come a long way in terms of dependability and structural integrity compared to their counterparts from 30 or 40 years ago, the designs really haven’t changed much. White. Blue. Off-white. Round. Oval. That’s pretty much it.

Until now!

The Dolce Vita Diva and Playa by Splash Pools are unlike any other above ground pool on the market today. Even if you’ve never considered an above ground pool, the eye-catching design and unique features will have you thinking twice.

The Diva

SPLASH DivaBrown02This pool is available in 6 standard rectangular sizes, from 10’x16’ up to 16’x33’, and can be assembled and disassembled easily, so it can be used in areas where you need a temporary or seasonal pool installation.

It’s finished in hand-woven wicker fabric panels of Chalk White or Americano Brown, echoing the designs of high-end outdoor furniture, and looks beautiful in any setting. The Diva also includes LED lighting, a ladder, skimmer kit and a vacuum cleaner. Winter and solar covers are available.


The Playa

Playa w lounge outdoorsThe Playa brings something truly unique to the above ground pool market. The design blends a plunge pool with high-end lounge furniture, creating an instantly welcoming, comfortable, outdoor living space.

This model is available in three sizes, with “sparkling” or still water, and includes LED lighting. The engineered wicker panels are designed to be maintenance free. Optional cushions for the lounging area, and additional matching lounge furniture are also available.

You really haven’t seen a pool like these before. If you’re in the market for an above ground pool, don’t make your purchase until you’ve at least looked at the Diva and Playa models from Splash Pools, especially if design and style is an important consideration for you.


Underwater treadmills add variety to swim spa workouts

If you’re shopping for a swim spa, you’re looking for more than hydrotherapy and relaxation from your purchase. Yes, you’ll get those things – and you’ll love them. But with a Master Spas swim spa you’ll also get the opportunity for energizing workouts every day of the year.

Swimming, of course. The variable flow mean you can swim at the pace and intensity you want, for as long as you want. Meters or miles, the choice is yours. Plus, Master Spas swim spas come with rowing and exercise equipment so you can make the most of water resistance training.

But wait – there’s more! Choose to add a stainless steel underwater treadmill to your swim spa, and you can take your workouts and training regimens to the next level. First of all, underwater treadmills are pretty lightweight, so you can easily place it in your spa when you want to walk or run, and remove it when you want to swim, relax, or enjoy some family fun time.

MS underwater treadmilRunning or walking on an underwater treadmill is just like using a treadmill on land – but you get the added benefit of the resistance of the water, plus you experience less stress on your joints. And just like with a “regular” treadmill, the incline is adjustable, so you can vary the intensity of your workouts and the muscle groups you’re targeting.

If you’re recovering from an injury or illness and working to rebuild your strength, an underwater treadmill can be very helpful. Professional therapists have used them in rehab settings regularly for years for this very reason.

If you enjoy variety in your workouts, or if you’re already into walking or running for fitness, you’re sure to enjoy the addition of an underwater treadmill to your swim spa. Make the most of your purchase and turn your swim spa into the relaxation, therapy, workout and family fun center of your home – today!

What to look for in a pre-owned spa

So you’ve decided you’re ready to add a hot tub to your home. You’ll love the health benefits, plus the fun and relaxation of owning your own spa. But like you would with any big investment, it’s important to do your research before you make the final purchase. While you’re evaluating the size of spa you want (and have space for), the jet configuration you prefer and a host of other factors, you might also be wondering, “What about a pre-owned spa?”

If you decide a pre-owned spa is for you, keep these things in mind as you shop around.

Watch and listen to it run

Just like you’d test drive a car before you signed on the dotted line, you’ll want to see a used spa in action before you hand over the money. Ask the owner to turn it on, and watch to make sure it’s running like it should, there aren’t any strange noises, etc. Speaking of noises – the hot tub should make a low, humming sound while it’s running. If you hear anything else, something isn’t right.

Look at the filter

Take a look at the cartridge filter. If you don’t know where it is, just ask the person selling the hot tub. The condition of the filter can be a good clue as to how well-maintained the spa has been. Filters aren’t expensive to replace, but one that is dirty, torn, or in otherwise bad condition, may mean that other spa maintenance was neglected, too. And that CAN lead to expensive repairs.

Examine the thermostat

While the hot tub is running, check the thermostat to see if it’s working correctly. To be comfortably warm but safe, a hot tub should be between 100 – 104 degrees. If the thermostat isn’t working right, you won’t know what temperature the water really is. Additionally, if it isn’t showing an increase in heat, it may mean the spa heater is going out.

Buying a pre-owned spa can be a great investment and a good way to dip your toes into hot tub ownership. But it pays to purchase carefully. You can also purchase a pre-owned spa from someone you trust, and who will stand behind the product. At Pool Tech Plus we sell pre-owned spas beginning at $2999.

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