Hot Tubbing in the Rain

Here in the desert, it might not rain that often. But when it does, it can still be a great time to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa. In fact, it can be one of the best. Just follow these tips to turn a normally gloomy day into a great one.
If your hot tub or swim spa is located in a sunroom, open the windows so you can enjoy the sound of the rain.
The weather might be a little cool, but that’s OK – you’ll be soaking in your hot tub, after all! 
If your hot tub or swim spa is outside and you don’t already have a gazebo or umbrella covering, grab a hat.
It’ll keep your head warm and dry, and help you enjoy your hot tub time even more.
Enjoy your favorite hot drink.
Fill an insulated mug with coffee, hot chocolate, cider – even a hot toddy if that’s your preference. You’ll be warm on the inside, and the outside. Many Master Spas models include integrated cup holders, so there’s always a convenient place to set your refreshment.
You’re going to want a towel as soon as you step out of your hot tub or swim spa, but keeping it dry in the rain might be a problem.
Consider placing it in a large waterproof bag before you take it outside to keep it nice and dry. If you want a special treat, throw a towel or robe in the dryer before you head outdoors. Just imagine how cozy and warm it will feel straight out of the dryer.
Complete the mood with your favorite tunes.
With a Bluetooth-compatible sound system like the one on the Master Spas LSX 700, you can enjoy your music without worrying about your phone being outside in the rain.  

Add aromatherapy, bring a book or e-reader if your spa is under cover, add some toys for the kids if they’ll be joining you, and the stage is set for the best rainy day ever!

A Little Sauna Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Your sauna is your personal oasis. That calm, quiet space where you can relax, unwind and recharge your batteries to face the day ahead – or prepare them for tomorrow. While your Good Health Sauna doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, there are a few things you should do to make sure it remains a haven in your home.

Keep the glass clean.

All glass can become dirty or dusty over time. In a sauna, the constant cycles of heating and cooling can make the grime more difficult to remove. About once a month or so, clean the glass on the inside and outside of your sauna with a natural glass cleaner to keep it streak-free and squeaky-clean.

Keep those seats and backrests clean, too.

When you sauna, you sweat. After all, that’s pretty much the point, right? And sometimes, sweat can stain all that lovely wood. It may be surprising, but one of the best ways to remove sweat stains from the wooden benches and backrests in your sauna is with fine sandpaper. Lightly go over the stained area until the stain is gone. If the stain is too deep, try a wood surface cleaner designed for saunas. No matter what, though, don’t use bleach. This can actually dry out the wood and cause splintering over time – something you definitely want to avoid! To avoid stains in the first place, always sit on a clean towel, and place another behind your back and against the headrest.

Don’t forget the exterior.

If you really want to keep your Good Health Sauna looking as great as it did the day it was installed, you can use high-quality furniture cleaners and polishers on the exterior wood and door handles. Just clean with a soft cloth like you would any piece of wood furniture in your home.

Your sauna was an investment in personal peace.

But it’s hard to feel peaceful when your environment isn’t clean and well-maintained. With just a little effort, you can make sure your Good Health Sauna remains just as lovely and serene as the day it was installed.

5 Great Reasons to Buy a Spa While Pregnant

dreamstime_xxl_42851575As a soon to be new mommy in my late 30’s – I’m a true born believer in the benefits of Swimming and soaking in warm water while pregnant – and at all other times as well of course. My husband and I have had a hot tub of our own now since last summer – and while we didn’t purchase it purposefully FOR the pregnancy – I can say with no reservations that it has been one of the BEST “accidental” pregnancy pain and stress relief solutions that I could have hoped for. Us prego’s know that it can be rough during pregnancy – we’re not allowed to use strong pain relievers,  massages are practically off limits, there is no alcohol, we have limited flexibility and of course, a reduced ability to work out. In short – there are more pains and muscle strains happening, but we have less options to deal with it.  For these reasons, and many others, a Hot Tub during pregnancy can be your best friend. I have put a lot of thought into this list of “Great Reasons” to buy a spa while pregnant – because I would love to see other expectant mommies enjoy the relaxation and relief that comes with having regular access to a hot tub or swim spa during or after pregnancy. I would also like to see more COUPLES enjoying the ongoing health benefits – lower blood pressure, joint and muscle relief, faster muscle recovery from training, injuries that heal faster, help with lupus, arthritis or MS symptoms…the list is long, and it’s the real deal. So here is a well thought out, great list of reasons to buy your hot tub NOW while you’re pregnant. 
  • Aquatic Therapy and Flexibility. Relaxing fully immersed in warm water lets your aching body experience true buoyancy. You can completely relax your muscles and stretch unimpeded in an environment where you are more naturally flexible. This will help you stay loose and limber, even as your muscles cramp, and tighten and your joints shift or swell during the course of your pregnancy.
  • Hot Baths Leave You Lukewarm – in a traditional bathtub – it’s often too tough to regulate the temperature. You need to make sure the water in your tub is between 98-100 degrees. Getting that bathwater to the right temp is tough – it’s usually too hot – and then it cools off too quickly. Plus, bathtubs are usually too narrow or shallow to allow you to be covered with water and you miss out on many of the benefits of stretching and actually being able to float in the water. Typically, your poor baby bump gets left out in the cold while the rest of you overheats…it can actually be more annoying than relaxing.
  • Bust out the water weights and get toned! If you get a hot tub with 4 or more seats, you will be able to have enough space to use in water weights for your arms and ankles, and do some aquatic toning exercises to keep up your muscle mass and tone during your pregnancy. It’s relaxing because it’s low impact exercise, but it’s still effective because of the water resistance – plus you’re working out in luxurious warm water – a win win situation.
  • Stress Reduction – everyone tells us we’re supposed to relax and not worry when we are pregnant. “Stress is bad for the baby!” they say, meaning well, not realizing that they just helped up our dose of anxiety a little bit. Taking time out of your busy schedule, away from your “to do” list, and disconnecting from the constant stream of pregnancy data available on our electronic devices – will help you get true peace of mind. Leave the cell phone and ipad inside and soak in the warm water while you stargaze with your sweetie. You don’t even have to talk about baby names – just chill out and relax together.
  • Invest NOW in your FUTURE health. As soon as your precious babe is born, you and your partner are going to be entering one of the most stressful phases of your life – investing the cash in a hot tub NOW before the onslaught of medical bills, busy schedule and sleepless nights –  will assure that you continue to this heavenly habit to connect to each other and relax your tired bodies and brains on a regular basis – at home – where you will be stuck hanging out together for a while.
You’ve probably heard of the “babymoon” idea, aka a trip you take right before the baby is born.  Or maybe more recently you’ve heard the term “Push Present” – something I just heard about for the first time last week and thought was funny  – it’s a present you can supposedly get during or immediately following labor – from your husband. If you’re considering either of these OR just in a buying mood and want to pamper yourself with the BEST gift you will ever invest in (pregnancy or no pregnancy), a gift that will keep on giving to you and your family for YEARS to come, you need to seriously consider a hot tub NOW. Not one of my customers has ever said “I wish I hadn’t bought my hot tub.”  Want to learn more about our hot tubs and swim spas in person from a mommy to be Spa Expert this weekend?  Come pick my brain at the El Paso home show this Saturday and Sunday March 11th-12th at the Convention Center.  Check out for a $1000 savings coupon and directions to the Spa Show! 
Me at 6 months with 2 of my El Paso Customers

The author – Ali, at 6 months with 2 of our El Paso Spa Customers from earlier this year. 


Pregnancy, Swimming & Hot Tubs

dreamstime_xxl_26947163There is no shortage of articles out there about hot tubs, swimming, and Pregnancy safety – believe me, I’ve been reading them ALL the past 7 months! As a woman in my late 30’s pregnant with my first child – I’m definitely one who wants to be informed as to the safest practices for my unborn kiddo. Then again, as a pregnant woman, 7 months in – I’ve also got a LOT of weird and intense muscle aches and pains happening – more and more every day. Obviously, I want to be able to relieve this pain in the most natural of ways, relax and sleep better, and know that I’m doing it in the healthiest possible way.  Let me tell you – that swimming regularly combined with warm water and the light aquatic massage of jets in a hot tub – is a fantastic combination!
Now, I just so happen to work for a hot tub and swim spa dealer in Las Cruces New Mexico. I’ve also been a swimmer for years – and enjoy regularly swimming in our swim spas in the Las Cruces showroom after hours – it’s not only a great workout, it’s extremely relaxing and I don’t have to share lanes with anyone at the public pool!  Because of my job, I know a LOT about hot tubs and swim spas. I know about pool chemicals, water care, and I know about our Master Spas brand – that our ecopur filters and ozone treatment allows us to use BARELY any chlorine in the water – so I have felt safe swimming in the water – even since I found out about my little pea in the pod 7 months ago.
Me at 6 months with 2 of my El Paso Customers

Me at 6 months with 2 of my El Paso Customers

But the hot tubs I did more research on. There is evidence of HOT water in early pregnancy (first trimester) being a potential cause of spinal cord defects in infants. Obviously -we want to avoid something like that. I consulted with my physician and with my acupuncturist to get more details on things to avoid.  Turns out the list is pretty short – and here it is for your convenience!
  •  Keep the water at 98-100 degrees – no hotter. It still feels REALLY good at this temperature – to get in an soak. Just the buoyancy alone is a fantastic feeling let alone being in a LARGE water vessel and being able to float in warm water.
    • If you turn the jets on in the tub – turn off the ones on the balls of your feel, middle of your back and over your shoulders – these are pressure points you want to avoid – because they can stimulate early labor (especially in the 3rd Trimester)
    • Soak for 10-15 minutes at a time, then cool off.
    • Wait a day if you add chlorine or chemicals to the water – water that smells like chlorine is not that enjoyable anyway.
    • Use the cool Spazazz Aromatherapy crystals to add additional ambiance and a lovely scent to the water – the lavender ones are highly recommended.
Ali Hot TubFortunately, the Hot Tub I own at home has adjustable jets – so I was able to turn them on and off in each area of my body. The ones on my calves when I’m sitting in a lounge seat have been my all time  favorite so far!
Swimming in the store swim spa has also been a terrific source of pain relief, and has helped me stay flexible and toned throughout my pregnancy! I have been able to swim regularly, use the pilates resistance bands and do gentle walking and stretching in the water against the current – to keep my muscles working – but able to do it in a low impact water environment which is easier on my joints – especially my hips and lower back muscles. I have a lot of clients who have purchased swim spas to help with arthritis.
At the beginning of my pregnancy I weighed 204 – now 7 months in, I weigh 205 – AND in the past 7 months, with the help of my swim spa exercise and eating healthy –  I have converted much of my previous “wine & cheese weight” to an adorable baby. My doctor told me it is fine that I haven’t gained weight – he even advised me in the beginning that I didn’t need to gain any – so I’m thrilled at what we have dubbed “The baby diet”. Once the baby is born, I’ll actually weigh less than pre-baby AND have more muscle. So I’m planning to parlay that into more swimming – to get in better shape.

In summary – using a hot tub daily, at lower temperatures throughout my pregnancy at home has been a HUGE physical relief to me. It has helped me reduce stress and
enjoy the experience.

It has helped soothe my back muscles, leg muscles, tight belly cramps, headaches, neck aches, and allowed me to relax and get some peace and quiet both at the beginning and the end of the day on a regular basis over the past 7 months.
Having space to move around in a hot tub, enough water to actually “float” in and do stretching in warm water has been great. A bath tub is JUST not the same when your belly is 3x as big as it used to be. There isn’t enough water to cover your baby bump – so it’s left out there all cold and alone. You end up feeling like you’re wedged into a butter dish with some lukewarm water filling in the gaps.
One last benefit I cannot emphasize enough – taking time to connect to my honey -is a HUGE one that I didn’t even really consider before I started using the hot tub during pregnancy.
We have a busy life – and taking time to sit and soak together in peace and quiet at the end of the day – and gaze at the stars and moon in our hot tub  – while getting our minds ready for a peaceful night of sleep  – is a treasure I could not possibly put a price tag on. These are the last months of our “freedom” as a married couple without kids -and important months for bonding together and getting on the same page as partners. I want to appreciate every moment we have before our kiddo comes along and turns our life upside down. Spending time each day talking, holding hands and laughing together away from electronics, the TV or other distractions has been an enormous benefit, and a habit I’m sure we’ll continue after the baby comes along.
Whether you are currently pregnant and seeking pain relief, or looking for an exercise option during AND after pregnancy –  I can personally recommend hot tubs and swim spas during pregnancy – AND LONG AFTER – as a huge value added health and stress relief bonus in your life. There is really no other past time, hobby or habit that gives you the opportunity to connect to the people around you in the same way AND adds health benefits on a daily basis in the long run.
Come see us at the El Paso Home Show this weekend March 10th-11th or email us for more details about our spa models!

Invest Your Tax Return – In Family Fun

This time of year, people crawl out of the woodwork with advice on what to do with your tax return. Television financial advisers, every Tom, Dick and Harry with a blog on investment advice, your in-laws – they all know EXACTLY what you should do with that money. But you know who really knows best? You! And if you’re thinking an investment in your family is the way to go, we have suggestions that might help you make your decision.

Swimming Pools

Do you want to be a superhero? Install an above ground pool in your backyard this summer. We have pool models and styles to fit almost any budget. Let us help you find the one that’s right for you, and your backyard. And if you’ve always wanted a pool, but thought typical above ground pool styling wasn’t for you, check out the Dolce Vita II. The European styling is unlike anything else in the above ground pool market today.

Hot Tubs

If you want your family to have time to reconnect and recharge, invest in a new Master Spas hot tub. There’s just nothing like soaking in the warm water, while the powerful, adjustable jets massage away the aches, pains and stress of the day. It’s a great time to catch up with your spouse or your kids – and a great place to declare a “screen-free zone.” Don’t forget – it’s OK to schedule a little “me time” in your hot tub, too. Morning or night, take 20 minutes to de-stress. If your hot tub has a built-in sound system and lights like the Master Spas Twilight series, you can create the personalized experience that’s exactly what you need. If you’re ready to turn your tax refund into years of family fun, give us a call or stop by the showroom. We can talk about our pool and hot tub choices, financing options for larger purchases and more.

The Finnish Sauna Follow-Up: The Original Icy Hot for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Finland is the sauna capital of the world, with an average of one per household, or three million saunas in a country of five million people. Although we’re not quite that hardcore here in the States, those who indulge have long understood the physical and mental benefits of making sauna sessions part of their daily routines. 


In Finland, and many other Nordic cultures, however, there’s an extra twist. It’s common for them to cap off the extreme heat of a sauna session with the extreme cold of a quick plunge in ice water or an ice cold shower.

While this might sound somewhat alien to us, there is increasing medical and scientific consensus that these rapid changes in temperature extremes can benefit the health and well-being of those who take up the practice. This is particularly true for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Experts believe that this practice elevates blood pressure by making blood vessels rapidly expand. This reduces inflammation — and the agonizing pain associated with the condition. Many adherents to the Nordic practice also say that finishing with a cold plunge prevents rheumatoid flare ups the next day, which is a common complaint of sufferers who only spend time in a sauna without following it up with a session of cold.
  • Another benefit is the release of endorphins that comes with the rapid conflict of temperature extremes. This can have a numbing effect on pain, and an endorphin rush has one other added benefit: it simply makes you happy.
  • Finally, those who take an icy plunge after they exit the sauna report healthier skin and improved recovery from muscle pain.
Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should take the time to research the bizarre, but potentially beneficial practice of briefly plunging into cold water after spending extended times soaking in the heat in a sauna.

The Fins insist on it, and they’re among the happiest people on Earth.

Swimming and Joint Pain: No Pain, All Gain

If you’ve got joint pain, there are two types of exercises: the ones that hurt and the ones that don’t. The old adage “no pain, no gain” is simply not true. For people with aching joints, pain and gain just don’t go together — and with a swim spa, there’s no reason they should have to. Swim spa owners rave about loving the convenience of their roaring rivers in a box. You get all the benefits of swimming in a pool with a fraction of the cost and maintenance. You need far fewer chemicals, you can enjoy them all year round and you’ll never grow out of the current, which is enough to challenge even Olympic-level swimmers.


But the benefits don’t stop there. Let’s talk about exercise and how it affects people with achy joints.

By definition, a low-impact workout is any exercise that keeps at least one foot on the ground at all times. With high-impact exercises, like running, both feet momentarily leave the ground. Running can cause an impact of two-and-a-half times the runner’s body weight. If you have joint pain, the benefits of the workout simply aren’t worth the agony. Swimming, on the other hand, is well worth it. Swimming isn’t high impact, or even low impact. Swimming is among the world’s only full-body, no-impact exercises. Every cell in your body works and is revitalized when swimming laps, all without any stress on your joints whatsoever. If you choose, you can walk against the current, treadmill style — only this treadmill might as well be on the moon. Your body weighs so little when submerged, that even walking against the current will have essentially no impact.

So there you have it. You can actually buy a rectangle-shaped box that brings all of the benefits of a no-impact, full-body swimming workout onto your deck.

No pain. All gain.  

Hot Tub: The Cure for a Golfer’s Pain (Both On & Off the Course)

Which part of your golf game hurts more, the pain in your hands, shoulders, hips and back, or the fact that you’ve sliced on three out of your last five drives? What if they hurt exactly the same because one is directly related to the other? And what if you could cure them both with hydrotherapy? To outside observers, golf might seem like a leisurely stroll through the park, but anyone who loves the game knows that, after a certain age, golf hurts. Cramped hands. Wrenching twists and turns. Swinging on uneven ground. You bring those pains and tweaks and pinches home with you.

Image result for golf stock photo

If you came home to a hot tub, a soak after the 18th hole could melt those pains away.

  • Hot water loosens stiff muscles, like the kind that scream at you what you’re digging out of the sand in the bunker — again.
  • Pulsing jets massage away muscle tightness, like the kind that flare up in your lower back every time you hit a 9-iron full swing out of the rough.
  • Soothing hydrotherapy melts away inflammation, like the kind in your elbows and hands that forces you to let up on your swing before you fully follow through. That’s the reason you spend so much time searching in the woods for a ball that would have stayed on the fairway had everything not hurt so much when you swung. Couple that with a soak before you head out onto the course, and you’ll prepare your body for the rigors to come, improving your swing, improving your game and feeling good for once while you play.

Golf is supposed to be fun, but there’s nothing fun about nerve endings screaming at you on every swing. Hydrotherapy might just be the most neglected aspect of your game.

What you do before and after you hit the course matters just as much as what you do on the course.

Easy Rider, Hard on Joints and Muscles

What do “Easy Rider” “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Sons of Anarchy” all have in common? They all go out of their way to show how much fun it is to hit the road on a motorcycle while failing to mention the extent to which your entire body aches when you get off of that growling, roaring beast a few hours later. From the unrelenting vibrating to the constant hand gripping to the immobile legs, riding a bike hurts even when you don’t fall. But relief for road-weary riders is just a 102-degree box of hot water away. Image result for motorcycle sunset

If you own a bike, you should own a spa. Period.

Tearing up the highway tears up your body, and when you get home, there is simply no better way to soothe and heal the beleaguered biker than with a soak in a spa. The hot water releases tension built up from long rides. The powerful jets unkink cramped muscles while relieving inflammation and tightness. The powerful, relaxing, meditative effect of hydrotherapy rejuvenates the mind, soul and wind-burned skin. They say that you don’t get out of a hot tub the same way you get in — and this is never more true than it is for the exclusive tribe of thrill seekers who prefer to pass the miles on two wheels instead of four.

Every show or movie that features bikers makes sure to give an intimate peek inside their clubhouse.

Every clubhouse shares a few features. They all have a pool table. They all have a bar. They all have a shady room in the back where they hold “church” meetings where the newbies and hang-around guys aren’t allowed. But none of them ever have spas. Maybe they should. Maybe if the movies showed a bunch of brawny, bearded, scarred-up dudes unwinding in a hot tub after Sturgis, real-world bikers would realize the undeniable connection between Harleys and hot tubs.  

Beneficial but Low Impact Exercise in Your Swim Spa

What ails you? Do you suffer from joint pain? Do you have an old football injury that has your knee feeling constantly uncomfortable? Maybe you’re simply feeling the effects of wear and tear on a body from a happy and long life.

There can be any number of reasons that traditional exercise is next to impossible, regardless of how active you want or need to be for your health. Even simply going for a walk can be difficult and painful for some. Instead, you have to look at low impact exercise options to get in the health benefits of activity without making your current problems worse.


That’s where a H2X Swim Spa comes in.

The constant, measured current from the spa jets allows you to build endurance and strengthen muscles, as opposed to swimming in a traditional pool without significant current. Swimming keeps your heart rate up for cardiovascular benefits, with less impact stress on your body. Your heart and lungs will be grateful, and your body weight more manageable.

In addition to swimming, Michael Phelps Swim Spas provide a vast array of exercise equipment and regimen possibilities, all of which minimize the impact on problem areas, such as bad joints or an injured knee.

Aquatic tread mills and bikes give you the opportunity to do the cardio workouts your body may need, while the buoyancy of the water drastically reduces the impact these machines would have on your joints if you did them in a gym. Get some water weights for low impact strength training too. Or simply put together your own workout regimen in your swim spa to maximize help to your own problem areas.

Of course, there’s the added benefit of a swim spa taking up less space in your yard than a pool, and coming equipped with a hot tub to help with relaxation after a vigorous workout.

All around, it’s a must have for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

The Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

  • 5 Great Reasons to Buy a Spa While Pregnant

    As a soon to be new mommy in my late 30's - I'm a true born believer in the benefits of Swimming and soaking in warm water while pregnant - and at all other times as well of course. My husband and I have had a hot tub of our ...

  • Pregnancy, Swimming & Hot Tubs

    There is no shortage of articles out there about hot tubs, swimming, and Pregnancy safety - believe me, I've been reading them ALL the past 7 months! As a woman in my late 30's pregnant with my first child - I'm definitely one who wants to be informed as to the ...

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