Diatomaceous Earth Filter Maintenance


D.E. is leaking back to pool 
After back washing and re-coating the filter with D.E., some amount of “puff-back” is normal.

Damaged grid or O-Ring in filter assembly.

Improper assembly of internal parts.

Missing or defective check valve.

Dirt or D.E. buildup on poppet seal O-Ring

Dirt or D.E. build-up on O-Ring that seals vortex chamber to air relief body.

O-Ring damaged. (Either of the above.)
The D.E. will eventually be filtered out of the pool. No action is necessary.

Replace damaged grids or O-Ring.

Correct assembly of parts.

Install or repair check valve.

Clean O-Ring.

Clean O-Ring.

Replace O-Ring.

Pool water not sufficiently clean
Improper precoat of D.E. on grids.

Inadequate turnover rate.

Pool chemistry not adequate to inhibit algae growth.
Use recommended amount of D.E.

Consult dealer or pool service technician.

Maintain pool chemistry or consult pool service technician.

High filter pressure after back washing 
Insufficient back washing.

Filter cloth plugged with D.E. and contaminants.

Filter cloth plugged with mineral deposits.

Partially closed valve or restriction in return line.
Back wash until effluent runs clear.

Manually clean filter grids

Chemically clean filter grids.

Open valve or remove obstruction in lines.

Return flow to pool diminished. Low filter pressure.
Obstruction in pump hair and lint strainer.

Obstruction in pump.

Obstruction in suction line to pump.
Clean basket in strainer.

Disassemble and clean pump.

Clean skimmer basket. Remove obstruction in lines. Open valves in suction line.

Short cycles
Improper back wash.

Pool chemistry not adequate to inhibit algae growth.

Improper precoat of D.E. on grids.

Plugged grids.
Back wash until effluent runs clear.

Maintain pool chemistry or consult pool service technician.

Use recommended amount of D.E.

Manually clean or chemically clean as required.

Leakage at clamp
Improper torque on closure band hardware.

Debris contamination on O-Ring and flanges.

Cut or damaged O-Ring.

Corrosion pits on flanges.
Reassemble clamp following procedure under “Assembly”.

Clean O-Ring and flanges. Lubricate O-Ring.

Replace O-Ring.

Replace tank and consult pool service technician for source of corrosion.

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