Pool Heater Maintenance

Problem: Heater Will Not Come On

Possible Cause

Automatic ignition system fails
Check if electrical connections are correct and securely fastened. If “Yes”, call for service.

Millivolt ignition fails
Check to see if pilot is lit. If not, refer to “Operating Lighting Instruction” – Millivolt.

Pump not running
Check that pump is turned on.

Pump air locked
Check for leaks.

Filter is dirty
Clean filter

Pump strainer is clogged
Clean strainer.

Defective wiring or connection
Call for service to repair or replace wires.

Defective pressure switch
Call for service to replace switch

Defective gas controls
Call for service to repair controls

On/Off Switch in “Off” Position
Turn switch to “Pool” or “On” position

Problem: Heater Short Cycling (Rapid On/Off Operation)

Possible Cause

Insufficient water flow
Clean filter and pump strainer.

Defective wiring
Call for service to repair or replace wires.

Defective flow valve or out of adjustment
Call for service

Defective hi-limit switch or thermostat
Call for service

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