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When you invest in something nice like a new car, you customize it by selecting the features you need and want. Your swimming pool or spa represents a major investment and deserves a customized care program. All pools and spas are not the same. We recognize that. Pool Tech Plus, your professional BioGuardTM Authorized dealer, can customize a pool or spa care program just for you. Expect it to keep the water clear and sparkling all season long. BioGuard’s 3 Step ProgramAfter all, BioGuardTM is the world leader in pool and spa“> care. Bring in a water sample for expert analysis so you can keep your water balanced. Or just stop by to ask any questions you might have. You can expect to walk away with a customized BioGuardTM pool care program tailored to meet all of your needs. You can find information about how to care for your pool or spa at our on-line Pool & Spa School. We want to help you.    

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